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My Story

Hi, my name is Melissa Latchford and I am the keeper of this site. :) I began this website because I could not find any cheer related clip art on the web. Finally after extensive searching, I found some decent clip art. Then I realized that there should be a web site with everything that one would need being a cheerleader. I love cheerleading and dance and wanted to create a site where people could find whatever they need.

I have danced for fifteen years and I only got into cheerleading this year at Fullerton College in Fullerton, California. I also did tall flags at my high school, so I've done most of that spirit stuff! Hehehe... This year, I found that cheerleading and songleading are my favorite genres of dance. I was captain of my high school flag team and I did a lot of choreographing for my cheer squad last year. I probably will choreograph for them this year as well, even though I am not on the squad. I organized tryouts for them for this coming year and they have a great team! (Go Hornets!) Currently, I am not taking dance or cheer, but I wanted to still stay involved until I can start dancing again!

This site was created on a Macintosh and I think it's best viewed with Netscape. I like Netscape better then Explorer, so there. :)

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