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Picture Album

This is a brand new page to my site. This is my picture album and it can become yours, too! Just send me a picture, along with your school or team, your name, and your caption, and I will add it to my page! :) Just nice captions, please! :) Also feel free to send me embarassing moments and stuff like that too. E-mail me at:

Squad at Away GameSquad on Field
This is my squad at an away game. I am the one with the sunglasses on. I actually began to cheer that game with them still on! :)This is my squad gathered for a quick candid shot on the field. If you are wondering I am on the left carrying my stool! :)
Squad at Charity EventStunt
This is my squad at a charity event on Long Beach in 1998. It was a lot of fun at least, but it was very COLD!This is a small half that we did before a routine, nothing fancy, and Rachel is tumbling across the front.