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Personal HomePage Links

These are links to people's homepages. If this page is being built very slowly, it's only because I look at all of these sites so I can tell you what is on them, ok?.

Name of siteComments
Cheerleading: A Resource for Coaches and SquadsWell put together site, very organized. Has some cheers, chants and stunt info.
Kristen's Cheer PageVery cute page! Nice graphics and pictures:)
Jennifer's Cheer PageThis is a great resource and a great all-around web page
USA CheerbabesThe USA Cheerbabe homepage... has cheerleading word games, cheerbabe of the month, etc.
Cassy's Cheerleading PageThis is a cute site... Nice tryout tips, technique stuff, etc.
Cheer Spirit!This is a nice site.
Putnam City WestThis is a very well organized site. It is definitely one of the best I've seen. It also plays a midi song when you pull the page up... cute!
Luvs2Cheer Cheerleading ClubThis has a nice site... they have fundraisers, and are supposed to be reprinting my fundraising article. :)