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Pep Rallies

This is my brand new pep rally page! Hopefully, I can get some ideas and feedback from you surfers out there. A few tips: Have a lot of energy (duh) and it's also a good idea to announce the game after your cheers if they are sidelines, or before you cheer if it's a competiton cheer. These are just a few beginning ideas, if they work for you, let me know, and let me know if you have suggestions :)!

Themes: Popular Summer Movies

Pep Rally 1 (Austin Powers):

attention grabber:
As soon as your bell rings, or your rally is supposed to begin, launch into a 60 second routine to the music in the opening credits of Austin Powers. The song is called "Soul Bossa Nova" and can be found on the original Austin Powers Soundtrack. This routine should be VERY cool. :) This will set the pace for your whole rally. This is to get the crowd to follow you and be interested in your next act.

For your skit, spoof the movie. Instead of the theme, "Somebody stole my mojo!" use "Somebody stole our spirit!" Make the point of your movie, "The spirit was inside of you the whole time!"

Launch into your cheers, it's better if you use a competition style cheer rather than a sideline cheer. Wow your audience by going from a 60's swinger, to a performing cheerleader. The change can be very dramatic and can make you audience go "Wow!"

Pep Rally 2 (Star Wars Episode I):

attention grabber:
Blast the music from Star Wars.

The good thing about Star Wars is that you can spoof any movie, or all of them! Make your point be that you are looking for the "chosen ones". This gives you an opportunity to split the audience up into classes and have some class competitions.

extra excitement:
You can choreograph a light saber fight (between juniors and seniors is good). One of your games for class competition can be dubbed a "pod race".

The winners of the class competition(s) are named the chosen ones.

Here would be where you could do sidelines for crowd involvement, after all the crowd should be pretty hyped up for the games. Do your fun cheers.