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Organization Links

These are links to cheerleading organizations or online magazines, etc. This is going to be painfully slow going, but bear with me and it will be worth it.

Name of siteComments
CheerOnlineThis is the most useful cheer magazine I've read, online or otherwise. This is one to visit.
Drill Team ExchangeThis is another great spirit oriented site dedicated not only to drill team, but to cheer, dance, color guard, everything!
Universal Cheerleaders AssociationThis is the official UCA site!It includes links, competition info and airing dates for the ESPN competitions. I believe this also has camp info for their spirit camps.
United Spirit AssociationThis site has info about their camps and competition results!
CheerList Cheerleading MagazineThis is another cheerleading e-zine. You can join a mailing list here. I joined it and I'll let you know how good the e-mail is!
SpiritCastThis site just has a mailing list sign up right now along with contests, but it shows real promise!
American Cheerleader MagazineThis is a real life magazine, and a good one at that. You have to register for this site, but it's free.