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General Cheers and Chants

These are general cheers and chants I've collected from various sources. This collection will constantly be growing.

Hornets, give it all you've got
(X) Don't stop!

Hey (X) hey, let me hear you say take it all the way.

When we say go, say 'Go Hornets!' GO,(X) 'Go Hornets!'

Let's go (X) big blue (X)

Come on big blue let's go (X)(X)(X)(X)!

Go (X) G-O (X), go Hornets go!

Everybody out there, come on let's cheer,
(X)(X) GO!(X)(X) GO!

Come on, come on, come on Hor-nets,
fire it up, let's win!
Explode (X) Ignite (X) Hornets,
let's go, let's fight!

Go(X) go get 'em (X)(X)(X) GO FIGHT WIN!

We're out (X)(X) we're out to get (X)(X) (X)(X),
a V, V-I, V-I-C-T-O-R-Y!

Hey, let's fire it up, say HEY let's fire it up!

BLUE (X) alright, GOLD (X) alright,
WE'RE alright, so let's GO!

Come on, come on, yell GO F-C, GO F-C!

Gimmie a G-G, O-O, GO HORNETS GO!

Let's go for the win!

We want a victory, SCORE HORNETS SCORE!


Let's go hornets, GO- FIGHT- WIN!

GO (X) let's go (X) G-O let's go!