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Cheer Supply Catalogs

People have been asking me for phone numbers for cheerleading supply companies so I thought I'd supply them for all. If any of these numbers don't work or if you have any to add or comments, e-mail me please. I made the background white so you can print it out and make notes on it if you want. I added a comments column with my comments in it.

CompanyPhone NumberMy CommentsYour Comments
Varsity Spirit1-800-533-8022Good cheer catalog, not too strong in dance. Nice camp clothes.
Pep Threads1-800-361-8195Good all around spirit catalog, dance, cheer and guard uniforms.
Cheerleader and Danz Team1-800-527-4366They have several different catalogs, including a killer dance catalog.
Just for Kix/Dance Etc1-800-762-3347My favorite all around catalog. It includes dance and cheer memorabilia like stationary, keychains, videos, etc. They also have a nice jewelry collection.
Pom Express1-800-600-5076A pom catalog, kinda hard to understand, but worth it for custom poms.
Elaine's Cheerleading Supply1-800-485-2644She can get you what you need at a lot lower price. She uses the same manufacturers as the big companies, but can charge less.
Pep Quarters1-800-216-7530Pretty much camp clothes and accessories..
Spirit Wear1-800-485-2644More camp clothes and accessories.
Spirit Accessories1-800-338-0547Accessories such as keychains, jewelry, etc. Perfect for gifts..
Discount Dance Supply1-800-328-7107This has some nice dance attire, but it is mostly lyrical and ballet costumes. They do have some nice shoes..
Cheer Zone1-800-856-8869This catalog has all kinds of things: campwear, music, jewelry, etc. It's a nice catalog... One that you HAVE to order.
Colorifics1-800-322-1961Dancewear and cheer clothes.
Omni Collection1-800-500-8786Nice campwear... see links for the website.
Hibbard's Pep Supply1-800-494-4748This is a great catalog. It includes dancewear, cheerwear, campwear, and uniforms and equipment for colorguards!

These are the best of the ones that I have. I do have a tip though. Many catalog companies won/t send you a catalog unless you are a coach or advisor. If you say you are a coach from your HS or college, they will usually just send it to your home address if you ask. :)