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Put the FUN back into FUNdraising

by Melissa Latchford

What comes to your mind when someone says the word "fundraising"? "What a hassle!" "I don't have time." "We need the money, but how are we going to be able to do it?" Or is it, "This would be a fun teambuilding experience!" Chances are that your response is more similar to the first few remarks, rather than the last. Remember when it rained on your car wash? Or maybe you remember the time someone forgot the ice cream for the root beer floats? Your fundraising events don't need to be expensive to be successful. The key element in any fundraiser is planning.

You need to plan weeks in advance for any fundraiser. For example, if you want to hold a car wash or rummage sale, a site needs to be reserved at least a month prior to the event. You need to have a meeting speciafically for the fundraiser and write down a timetable. Make sure every specific detail is listed on your time table. You should start at least four weeks in advance and countdown to the day of your happening. A sample timetable for a car wash is listed below.

Car Wash TimeTable
4 weeks priorreserve site
2 weeks priorprint and distribute pre-sale tickets
discuss supply responsibilities (who's bringing what)
1 week priormake signs
buy food and drink to sell??
1 day priorpack everything the night before
use a checklist
day of car washget there early to set up, bring sunscreen

After you are finished with your timetable, make a to do list/ supply list. Then delegate the responsibilities throughout your squad. Discuss what you want to accomplish with this fundraiser and why you need the money. Write all of this information down, copy it and give each member of the squad a copy along with a copy of the timetable. This way, each member knows where she stands and what she is responsible for.

Things to do:

If you have a large squad, the best way to organize the work is to have people sign up for shifts. Keep in mind that this can work for a car wash, rummage sale, aerobic-a-thon, etc. Everyone gets tired and cranky after a long day in the sun, and that's no fun. Let people sign up for morning or afternoon shifts. If you have a small squad, drink lots of water and try to stay happy. Give a copy of this to each member as well.

9:00AM-- 12:00noon

12:00noon-- 3:00pm

After the event, have the whole squad get together for a pizza party or something like that. This will give you the chance to tell the squad how much money they made, and let everyone relax after a job well done. With each member fully informed about what's to happen, there will be less confusion and stress. This will allow your squad to enjoy the day and have fun. It will avoid arguments and promote teambuilding!